Did you know that UK consumers considers these following factors when making their food choices:

Demonstrating a growing demand for more seasonal, farm to fork, healthy and authentic food. Health and wellbeing continues to be a priority when it comes to eating at home and eating out.

In the UK, consumers are much more focused on their wellbeing with 48% of people being interested in eating food which is more beneficial to their physical health such as boosting mood and improving gut health. The importance of mental health awareness is also raising, over 1 in 3 people are interested in eating foods that are beneficial for their mental health and mood.*

Mental and physical health have always been a high priority at the Good Eating Company, we are constantly looking for ways to support the wellbeing of clinets and employees by creating balanced menus with the aim to guide customers in making informed choices. We are committed to offer the best quality product and service to enhance productivity and reduce absences through sickness.

We strive to promote good nutrition and healthy options to ensure

 “the healthy choice is the easy choice”.