Have you revamped your office with a focus on wellbeing? Initiated various schemes to boost office attendance? or perhaps you've exhausted every strategy to make the office more social, yet the desired increase in attendance remains elusive.

A thriving "feel-good" office culture, rather than the friction seen at companies that have just mandated a full-time return to HQ, can be built around food, which could be the answer to your team's problems in getting back into the office.

As a workplace manager focusing on enhancing the office environment, you may encounter several challenges:

  • Reshaping for wellbeing: efforts to reorient the office towards improving employee wellbeing.
  • Initiatives for attendance: introducing various programmes encouraging employees to come to the office.
  • Social environment struggles: despite attempts to create a more sociable office space, these efforts are not significantly increasing attendance as desired.

The role of food in building teams and relationships

Food is an essential component that promotes emotional ties and understanding and is frequently a topic of conversation at work. A well-planned office catering can attract employees back for the right reasons and foster team spirit. This approach leads to better internal collaboration, communication, and innovation, outweighing the isolated nature of remote working.

Contract catering is effective in encouraging people to return to the workplace. For workplace managers aiming to cultivate a healthy and efficient team, it's crucial to create a positive office environment. Contract catering addresses this by:

According to a recent survey, offering a free lunch is highly valued by employees, with nearly two-thirds of hybrid workers (65%) stating they would prefer to work on-site if it included complimentary lunches. Furthermore, almost a quarter of the respondents indicated they would consider returning to the office full-time if catered lunches were provided.

  • Enhances the office environment: contract catering provides a unique, engaging atmosphere with fresh and healthy shared dining experiences.
  • Fosters team unity: it encourages employees to gather for meals, leading to conversations that strengthen team bonds and purpose.
  • Facilitates collaboration: shared meal times create opportunities for employees to collaborate on projects and seek peer advice.
  • Builds community spirit: this approach contributes to a strong office community, which can help reduce staff turnover.
  • Reduces isolation: communal dining helps counteract the adverse effects of isolation from eating alone.

The benefits of daily office catering from the Good Eating Company

Picking the best office catering team can be a challenge. Our secret? We can be flexible, cater to hybrid workers and tailor to any dietary requirements. Delivering exceptional food promotes a happy and healthy workplace that promotes employee well-being and productivity.

Sustainable catering starts with sourcing ingredients closer to home, boosting our commitment to achieving carbon neutral status by 2025. Having menus that are seasonal and ensuring all food is cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients will minimise the impact on the environment and food waste.

Every day, our team of chefs, sommeliers, food buyers, and baristas come to work to raise the bar on corporate cuisine. Our passion is to bring restaurant-quality food to corporate dining and serve moreish food and quaffable drinks with high-quality customer service.

We take pride in producing inspiring and well-balanced dishes every day. We’re fussy about our ingredients and proud of where they come from. Every single one of our ingredients comes from specialist partners. From fish to fruit, cheese to chocolate, ingredients are our key ingredients.

We work in partnership with our clients to create engaging spaces which deliver relaxed and stylish dining environments that become the heart of their workplace.