In the coffee world, espresso is the most iconic, a small miracle of chemistry and physics.

To prepare the perfect Espresso can be complicated, and this is where its romance comes from. Italy, the home of romance, is considered the invention of the espresso and has largely defined what an exemplary espresso is.

The perfect espresso relies on a complex relationship between different ingredients and factors. The final product should have a powerful aroma, i.e. a good balance between acidity and sweetness with a pleasant bitterness, and above all finished with a natural layer of cream. It is essentially an intense, highly concentrated, short drink produced under pressure, creating a layer of foam on the surface.

The authenticity of the espresso preparation begins with the grinding of fresh beans. The barista's art is to calibrate the grind, expertly pressing the right amount of coffee into the filter, then keeping an eye on time, temperature, and pressure.

The formula of an authentic Espresso is clear and essential, its correct execution is a question of training, experience, and natural talent…..