I am pleased to announce a very exciting project. GEC have acquired one acre of farmland in association with the Garden Army.

The Garden Army are a social enterprise promoting the positive impact that farming and horticulture can have on people’s wellbeing. What does this mean for GEC! we will be starting our very own farming program to grow our own produce that will end up on our site’s menus. Not only will we have a say in what is grown, it will also give our staff the opportunity to leave the big smoke behind and get their hands dirty helping on our plot.

Taking food production back to its very basic principles, will hopefully encourage a greater respect for using the whole product and minimising waste. Plus giving our chefs the ingredients to create amazing dishes with. With the added bonus of giving our staff the opportunity to breathe and reflect away from their daily routine. With GEC investing in the Garden Army gives Farmer Tom the opportunity to “bring people together with something to do that they are interested in, sharing knowledge and experiences, and learning about themselves and others can be powerful”. Watch this space for updates from down on the farm.